Our AcroYoga classes offer a supportive and fun environment for all levels. No partner? No problem! You’re welcome to come solo and make new friends while flying high. Here’s what you need to know more about our sessions:

Indoor Classes (October - May)

From October through May, our classes are held in a cozy indoor hall, equipped with tatami mats for a comfortable and safe practice environment. The indoor sessions are designed to accommodate different skill levels, ensuring everyone can participate and grow at their own pace.

Level 1 (Beginner Class):

  • Suitable for those new to AcroYoga or looking to build a strong foundation.
  • Focuses on basic poses, techniques, and safety practices.

Level 2 (Open Level/Intermediate and Advanced):

  • Ideal for those with some AcroYoga experience or who want to advance their skills.
  • Covers more complex poses, transitions, and sequences.

Class Structure:

Warm-Up (30 minutes)

  • Helps to leave the stress of the day outside and prepares the body for the class.
  • Gradually builds strength and flexibility to achieve class goals.

AcroYoga Session

  • Planned according to the level of the class and the needs of our students.
  • Focus on poses, techniques, and sequences tailored to the participants.


  • Ends with a session of group stretching to enhance flexibility and begin relaxation.
  • Alternatively, concludes with a Thai massage session to relax the muscles after a rigorous and enjoyable workout.

Class Schedule

Tuesdays and Thursdays: evening sessions
!!! New Season Schedule: The new season class schedule will be published at the end of August for the upcoming season. For the exact times and any updates, please check our Facebook group where we regularly post the class schedule.

Summer Break (June - September)

While regular classes take a break during the summer months, we continue to engage with our community through various outdoor activities. We organize workshops, events, and weekly AcroYoga Jams in Vilnius, hosted by AcroYoga United.

Outdoor Workshops and Events:
These sessions focus on specific skills or themes, providing a deeper dive into AcroYoga practice.
Weekly AcroYoga Jams:
Informal gatherings where practitioners of all levels can come together to practice, share techniques, and enjoy the outdoors.

For updates about these events, follow our social media to stay informed.

Private Sessions

We offer private sessions, which can be scheduled in advance at a time and date that suits you. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to deepen your AcroYoga experience with personalized instruction or tailored practice.

Personalized Instruction

Ideal for individuals or small groups looking to focus on specific skills, overcome challenges, or advance their practice in a more customized setting.

Team-Building Activities

AcroYoga is a fantastic way to build teamwork and trust within your team. Our team-building sessions are designed to enhance communication, cooperation, and mutual support among team members.

Special Photoshoots

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or any other special occasion, AcroYoga offers stunning yet simple poses that create memorable and amazing photos. Capture the beauty and connection of these moments with our specialized photoshoot sessions.

Join us for an enriching experience of AcroYoga!