AcroYoga United: Your Community for AcroYoga in Lithuania

AcroYoga United began as a weekend retreat at the stunning 14th-century Žeimiai Manor. The goal was to bring together all AcroYoga enthusiasts to enjoy what connects us and share our other talents. It was a huge success, sparking the desire to continue this sense of unity. Around the same time, Laima Rudinskaitė and Chris Tabaraki were both looking for partners to expand their AcroYoga activities and inevitably, they found each other. United by their passion for AcroYoga and a shared vision of bringing people together to experience the joy and self-growth this practice offers, they formed a beautiful partnership under the same AcroYoga United name.

As a result, AcroYoga United was created to be the heart of a community that fosters a safe and welcoming environment where everyone can join, try, practice, and connect with amazing people. Here at AcroYoga United, no one is above others; everyone is equal and can share their experiences, whether in AcroYoga, life, or other passions.

In 2019 regular AcroYoga classes were started and in 2021 Laima decided to dedicate herself more to other passions, which you can learn about here. Even though they decided to part ways, they still love to work together from time to time as they continue to share the same passions. Chris continued to focus on his number one passion, AcroYoga, and has been dedicated to growing AcroYoga United.

At AcroYoga United, we believe that AcroYoga is more than just a physical practice; it’s a way to build trust, communication, and joy. We aim to create a community that is open to everyone, regardless of experience level or background. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a complete beginner, you’ll find a supportive space to grow and explore.

We offer a variety of AcroYoga classes and events to cater to all levels of practitioners. If you’re looking to experience AcroYoga in Vilnius, our sessions provide the perfect opportunity to connect with the local community and immerse yourself in the practice. Vilnius AcroYoga sessions are designed to help you build confidence and skills in a fun and encouraging environment.

Special AcroYoga Workshops and Retreats
In addition to our regular classes, we host special AcroYoga workshops and retreats, making AcroYoga in Lithuania accessible to enthusiasts from all over the country. Our goal is to bring together people from different backgrounds and create a vibrant, inclusive community centered around the joy of AcroYoga.
Why Choose AcroYoga United?
  • Inclusive Community
Open to all experience levels and backgrounds.
  • Expert Instruction
Learn from experienced practitioners.
  • Variety of Classes
Regular sessions, workshops, and retreats.
  • Supportive Environment

Build trust, communication, and joy.

Meet Your Teacher

Christopher Tabaraki

From a very young age, I have been immersed in diverse cultures, each shaping me uniquely. Despite these ever-changing environments, one constant has always been my passion for sports and outdoor activities. This love for physical activity has not only kept me grounded but has also facilitated my integration into new communities wherever I have lived.

Over the years, I have explored various sports, but 2016 marked a pivotal moment in my life. That year, I discovered AcroYoga, and it was love at first flight. Since that transformative moment, I have been dedicated to this beautiful practice, continuously learning and growing through attending numerous events, workshops, conventions, and seminars. Each experience has enriched my understanding of different techniques and teaching methods.

In 2022, driven by a desire to deepen my knowledge, I expanded my expertise beyond AcroYoga. I earned a certification in Personal Training to better understand the anatomy of the body and to help my students build strength and address their weaknesses. Recognizing the importance of balance and flexibility in AcroYoga, I also pursued and achieved a Yoga Instructor certification. To complement these skills, I obtained a certification in Nutrition at the end of 2022, acknowledging the crucial role of proper nutrition in physical training.

Since 2019, I have been teaching AcroYoga in Vilnius in classes, events, and private sessions, accumulating countless hours of practice and instruction. The joy I find in sharing this practice is immeasurable, and the feedback I receive fuels my passion further. Whether you’re looking to start your journey with Vilnius AcroYoga or deepen your existing practice, I am here to guide you.

Join me in exploring the wonderful world of AcroYoga Lithuania and discover the transformative power of this unique practice.